5 Unique Walkway Landscaping Tips for Newton, MA, Front Yards

When landscaping an entire property in Newton, MA, walkways don’t always get the attention they deserve from homeowners. After all, when there are patios, pools, and front entrances to design and construct, many homeowners neglect to consider how these different parts of their landscape will be connected. Without well-designed walkways, however, a landscape can look and feel disjointed with a lack of flow. Experts in front yard landscaping remind us that walkways serve a distinct purpose and can set the tone of a property, in terms of their appearance and the type of materials used. Here are a few tips for achieving stunning walkways out front that will do your home and landscape justice.

Find the Theme

5 Unique Walkway Landscaping Tips for Newton, MA, Front Yards

Walkways generally conform to either a formal or informal aesthetic theme. Formal walkways tend to be angular, comprised of clean straight lines and right angles. Informal walkways, on the other hand, are typically meandering and curved, as if they manifested naturally over time. Informal walkways tend to suit traditional homes while formal paths often have a more contemporary look and feel. The material selection used to construct a particular walkway should correspond with its chosen theme.

Complement the Home

When landscaping the front yard, one of the main goals is to optimize curb appeal. Every feature of the front yard should enhance the home and make it look more enticing. It is, therefore, important to create walkways out front that complement the home rather than clash with it. Incorporate colors, textures, and shapes that can be found in the architecture of the home into your walkways.

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Play with the Width

The width of each walkway should be carefully considered and customized according to the foot traffic it is expected to receive. Certain segments of a long walkway can be widened to create the impression that one has arrived at a small destination. This spot might entice one to linger and can be made more inviting by the addition of a water feature or bench.

Install Lighting

From a practical point of view, lighting a walkway is absolutely essential. It keeps you safe and prevents you from tripping over lifted pavers and other hazards. From an aesthetic standpoint, lighting also creates ambience and enhances the specific mood pervading a walkway. Fairy lights draped along trees that flank the pathway will create a whimsical, romantic ambience and cheerful atmosphere. Downturned lights situated close to the ground will cast a soft glow that is warm and inviting. Upturned lights can be directed at a nearby wall, filling it with dramatic silhouettes.

Make Your Materials Count

The materials you use to construct a walkway largely influence its aesthetic theme and whether it bears formal or informal qualities. Natural stone and tumbled pavers tend to look relaxed and suit informal walkway designs. Sleek, linear concrete pavers can set a more formal look, with their modern and luxurious appearance. Paver borders can be used to frame a walkway and distinguish it from the rest of the landscape. They can be created in a strikingly different color to create a contrast that adds character and uniqueness to the walkway. Borders that reflect colors found in the architecture of the home help to tie the home and hardscape together.