5 Different Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs to Consider for Your Millis, MA, Landscape

Once you decide that you want an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for your Millis, MA, landscape, the fun begins. That’s when you can contemplate which type of design would be best, whether you want to take advantage of the latest trend in outdoor fireplaces or you want a particular seating arrangement for the many evenings you’ll be enjoying your new fire pit.

Below-Ground Fire Pit

When someone says below-ground fire pit, you might think of a simple hole dug in the ground for the fire. In reality, an entirely below-ground fire pit area built to today’s standards can actually seem quite luxurious. The entire seating area is recessed into the ground surrounded by a retaining wall. In the center of your seating area will be the focal point—the fire pit structure. This fire pit area isn't all for looks. One main benefit is that the fire is out of the way of the wind. This makes it great for homeowners who are looking for a simple fire pit option in a landscape that gets a lot of wind exposure.

Dining Table Fireplace

Fire pits can also have multipurpose functionality. Create a traditional outdoor dining table with a cozy twist by placing a small, narrow table-top fire pit along the length of the dining table. This gives warmth to cool evenings while providing a beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor dining area.

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Linear Fire Pits

5 Different Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs to Consider for Your Millis, MA, Landscape

Much like the design mentioned above, linear fire pits are a sleek redesign of your typical circular fire pit. Elegant in design, these modern fire pits are made using stone and stainless steel. The flame burns atop a bed of smooth stones or glass beads. These types of fire pits usually run off of natural gas, propane, or gel. Linear fire pits are ideal for someone with a contemporary home because they contain straight lines and sleek finishes. You can choose to have a longer fire pit to accommodate a large crowd, or place a smaller sized fire pit in front of a bench.

A Beautiful Water Feature

If you are looking for an extravagant design to wow anyone who sees it, consider combining water and fire features. An example of this design concept features a large fireplace with small water features on either side. This gives you the sounds of crackling fire with the soothing sounds of flowing water. Or, for a more luxurious design, you could have the water running in front of the fireplace. The smooth waterfall will look magical against the orange flames.

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Double-Sided Fireplace

You may prefer the sight of a fireplace because of its beautiful chimney but feel torn about the how many people can admire the flames at any one time. Traditionally, fireplaces only have an opening on one side. If you want the benefits of a fireplace but also want to accommodate more seating options, than a double-sided fireplace could be the answer. An identical opening is placed on the backside of the fireplace unit, opening up the seating possibilities. For another variation, you could center the fireplace between a dining area and a seating area. The fire can then be enjoyed no matter where the rest of the action is happening.