Complete Your Landscape Design with Steps and Low Walls in Weston, MA

Whether your Weston, MA, yard is big or small, it may not be as functional as it could be. By adding low walls and steps to your landscape design, you could have more interest brought to your backyard while upgrading its overall look. Moreover, these landscape additions could help you maximize the use you get from your exterior space.

Steps: Consider the Untouched Parts of Your Landscape

Take a look at your backyard. How much unused space do you see? Would you love to do something about those currently impractical slopes and grades in your property? A change in level is an ideal opportunity to add steps. Steps could give you access to what are currently unreachable parts of your landscape, allowing you to create a private oasis, or they could broaden the footprint of your patio and garden.

Create Drama

A set of steps can be a largely visually element, not only being able to physically bring you from one elevation to another but also bringing an eye-appealing feature to any landscape design. Stairs add drama to a landscape, suggesting there’s more beyond the last step. They could be linked to an alluring water feature or inviting seating area away from the busier part of your backyard.

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Versatility of Steps

The choice of introducing steps to a landscape opens up many possibilities. A curved set of stairs could bring a sense of elegance and visual appeal to your landscape. Another option is using large steps to open up space or even seating. A large step is a perfect seating area for enjoying your morning coffee or reading a book. You can also use them to place decoration items or garden containers.

Low Walls: For Looks and Functionality

Complete Your Landscape Design with Steps and Low Walls in Weston, MA  

Low walls have an important function in a landscape, which is why they can be seen in many homes. Their primary purpose is to hold soil and protect the nearby home, and they offer a way to enhance the look of a landscape as well.

Expanding Space

If your landscape consists of multiple hills, low walls could provide more order to your backyard and emphasize a garden or water feature. When made of quality landscape materials, they pair well with steps to create an almost magical atmosphere in your backyard.

Moreover, low walls will make your landscape look more appealing. Natural stone and concrete low walls are common options for adding a rustic or modern touch to a property.

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Comfort and Relaxation

Low walls are very popular for creating an informal seating area in patio. Add a couple of cushions for added comfort and relaxation, inviting your guests to chat before an al fresco dinner. Such an area could become the perfect place for telling jokes and secrets, making it a focal point of your patio.

Make the Most of Your Property

Low walls and steps are additions used to cleverly improve the functionality and aesthetic of your landscape, creating the kind of atmosphere that encourages you and your visitors to spend quality time outdoors.