The Elements That Make Up a Good Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are a standard part of many landscape designs in Norfolk, MA. They serve a variety of purposes, but their main goal is controlling erosion due to sloped or uneven ground surfaces. Here, we’ll talk about the elements that make up a good retaining wall so that you’ll know what to consider when planning yours.

Visual Appeal

The Elements That Make Up a Good Retaining Wall in Norfolk, MA

Visual appeal is a primary element to good retaining walls. Because they’re so conspicuous and are comprised of multiple pavers, you want your retaining wall to look neat, clean, and perfectly aligned. The materials you pick for your retaining wall will have a huge impact on how your wall looks. 

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To decide what type of look you want your wall to have, you may want to consider the style of your home and how your wall will complement that aesthetic. If you have a more rustic home, perhaps you could choose Rivercrest Wall, with its layered look reminiscent of stacked stone slabs. For a more contemporary home, choose something like Lineo Dimensional Stone. It has a smoother surface and a modern look that will create clean lines. For a simpler look with lots of texture that goes with nearly any style, you can’t go wrong with Concord Wall. 


Another element for a good retaining wall is functionality. Just because a retaining wall is holding back dirt doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! There are a few ways to give your retaining wall secondary uses and make it worth your while. The first option is to create planting spaces atop your wall and install mulched beds with flowers, small shrubberies, or even miniature evergreens. This always adds a natural feel and helps it to blend in visually. 

Another option is to incorporate pillars along the wall and add lighting, which will add visibility at nighttime. Water features are another potential addition to a wall, and it can change your project from a regular retaining wall to a visual focal point that adds interest to your overall landscape. And, of course, depending on the height and location of your wall, you can always add coping so that your wall can be used as casual seating. 

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The final and perhaps most important element of your wall is quality and durability. Because retaining walls are tasked with preventing erosion of your landscape, it’s imperative that they remain in place for good after they’re installed. This will come down to the quality of materials that you choose, and how those materials are installed by the contractor. Be sure to choose high-quality pavers that can withstand the elements, like trusted Unilock products.