4 Patio Installation Ideas for Small Backyards in Sudbury, MA

If you would love a patio for your small Sudbury, MA, backyard but have given up the idea because of size limits, think again. Consider any of the following installation ideas for your small space.

Patio Advantages

4 Patio Installation Ideas for Small Backyards in Sudbury, MA

Even in the smallest yard, you can have a patio to allow for dining outdoors or just relaxing with your favorite drink after a busy week. Any size patio can blend your indoor and outdoor spaces into a big functional room. Patios that are housed in small yards are most often placed right by an exterior door so that it is easy to serve your dinner and move outside to eat. Read on for ideas!

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Patio Flooring

Depending on your home’s architecture and aesthetic, you could choose a brick floor that goes with most any home style. Brick is a classic stone and comes not only in the most common red color, but now bricks can be tan, gray or even black. Or, you might want a large rectangular stone with strips of grass or gravel in between to bring a more urban feel to your patio. Whatever kind of floor you want, your local landscape professional has the materials and patterns that can make your patio feel just right for your home. 

Creating Privacy

When a yard is small, privacy is one of the top concerns because your neighbors are typically close by. You might choose to enclose your patio on all sides, creating a tiny oasis for yourself. But, if you still want the breezes, you could choose a wrought iron fence, an enclosure of horizontal wood or even a low retaining wall. 

One of the easiest ways to create privacy is with strategic plants. Small trees or shrubs bring a sense of calm and serve to muffle the outside noise, while also bringing a more secluded feel. Add in pretty perennial plants and flowers with annual flowers for a pop of seasonal color, and your little patio can quickly become your favorite spot. 

Covered Patio

If you want to be able to use your patio even when the weather is not cooperating, or when the afternoon sun gets hot, consider adding a cover. You can choose a cover with a roof and columns that are set in a complementary landscape stone to give your patio the feel of having been there a while. Or, you might choose a pergola, which still shields the hot sun but brings dappled shade for enjoying your patio. Any covering can be home to trailing, flowering vines that make your patio more beautiful with blooming colors. 

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Patio Lighting

When you want to use your patio longer into the evening, a variety of lighting can make this possible. Up-lights for your surrounding plants bring an ambient glow that seems to light your surroundings from the inside. Add some twinkle lights for a fun and whimsical light that feels festive. Larger sconces on the side of your home also increase the ability to use your patio for as long as you want.  

Choosing to install a patio in your small Sudbury, MA, backyard is a big decision, and so it is critical to locate the right professional to complete your project. You want a landscape expert who is certified to design and construct your patio according to industry standards. When you select the right professional, you will be able to enjoy your patio for years to come.