Deciding on Concrete Pavers for Your Pool Patio Installation Project in Millis, MA

Adding a beautiful pool patio will complete your backyard swimming oasis, but it can be daunting choosing the perfect material for your project (let alone choosing the design).  Dry, drab poured concrete pool decks are a thing of the past.  Liven up your Millis, MA, backyard pool by choosing the best materials for your project.

Most commonly, pool patios are built using natural stone, porcelain tiles, or concrete pavers. Tile patios, like tile in your home, can be difficult to maintain and expensive to install. They can make for gorgeous patios, but require regular upkeep and continual re-application of grout. Natural stone, by itself, is also beautiful, but the cost and availability of natural stone can make it prohibitive for this purpose. Instead, consider pavers for a wide variety of colors, textures and styles, as well as ready availability and convenient installation. 

Pavers are the ideal choice for your pool patio.

Deciding on Concrete Pavers for Your Pool Patio Installation Project in Millis, MA  

Pavers are the ideal choice for a pool patio because of their durability, ease of installation, and beautiful appearance. Further, pavers are made into uniform shapes to allow for a smooth, clean, cohesive look. Pavers also create a level surface surrounding your pool area, and will ensure that your poolside surrounds are slip resistant - hugely important for getting in, out of, and around the pool easily.  Pavers are also designed not to absorb heat, so they will not be affected by even the hottest of summer days.

Pavers are durable and easy to maintain.

Paver present a flexible surface that ensures that no damage occurs when the surface expands and contract with weather changes, so that the function and look of the paver will not change over time. This design is in sharp contrast to the upkeep required of other patio materials.

While poured concrete has a tendency to crack, wood patios can splinter, and tile can break, pavers often come with a lifetime guarantee!  They are designed to deal with the stresses of weather and limit (or eliminate) the need for repair.  Pavers can also be designed not to stain or fade, so they will maintain their beautiful look for the lifetime of their use.

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In order to keep pavers clean and presentable, a simple hose down will normally suffice. Certain manufacturers also pretreat the surface of their pavers to ensure that are easy to clean.

Pavers can easily be replaced.

If, for any reason, you choose to replace one or more of your pavers, the interlocking block design allows for a fairly simple removal and replacement process. Poured concrete, in contrast, would require a complete removal of the entire patio if any one portion needed replacement.  This accessibility is also crucial in the event that you need to access any of the underground utilities beneath the patio’s surface.  

The best way to determine the best type of pavers for your patio project is to discuss your options with a landscape professional. A professional can also advise you as to the best options for blending the design of your pool patio with other areas of your home’s exterior to allow for one cohesive outdoor home design.

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