Want to Improve Your Front Entrance with Trees and Shrubs? Sign Up for a Landscape Maintenance Service in Sudbury, MA

The first thing everyone sees when they pull up to your Sudbury, MA, property is the front entrance. It beckons visitors and invites them to stay for a while—but only if it’s visually appealing. Don’t settle for a front entrance that’s “just okay.” Improve your front entrance with trees and shrubs when you sign up for landscape maintenance service.

Maintenance Helps

You may already have trees or shrubs that you like in all the right places, but if they haven’t been properly maintained, they could be taking away from the rest of your landscape. Skilled landscape maintenance professionals can get your front entrance plant life back on a healthy track. Whether your trees and shrubs need pruning, trimming, or a healthy dose of mulch, you will see a difference with consistent care. At Wenzel, Inc., we offer all these services and more, including mulch installation, and tree and shrub installation if you’re just starting out with your front-entrance beautifying project.

Walkways and Plant Life

For an interesting take on your front entrance, consider whether newly planted small trees or shrubs would make for nice additions. Lining your front entrance walkways with the former is an excellent choice for guests’ first point of contact. It’s a way to frame and narrow down a large walkway. Carefully chosen shrubs could similarly liven up the route to your house.

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Picture Perfect

Want to Improve Your Front Entrance with Trees and Shrubs? Sign Up for a Landscape Maintenance Service in Sudbury, MA  

What you want when people pull up to your front entrance or driveway is a picture-perfect look that’s pleasing from all angles. This means your trees and shrubs should be on point, and your lawn and other external features need the same pristine and well-executed appearance. For the spring and fall season, when yards tend to need the most maintenance, we offer options to get your property looking its very best. Overgrown shrubs, branches, and lawns are the first signs that a property is not well-kept. This can hide the true beauty of your home and give visitors the wrong impression.

Achieve a top-quality look for your shrubs and trees with year-round maintenance. They need regular pruning to avoid overgrowth, which can be unsightly and unsafe. Besides the risk of falling, overgrown shrubs and trees can invite unwanted critters and cause window damage or other scrapes against the exterior of your home.  

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Landscape Experts

Among our specialties at Wenzel, Inc. are landscape design and tree and shrub installation, to make your front entrance or driveway always look amazing. Our expert knowledge of the soil type and weather patterns in the Sudbury, MA, area, enable us to properly assess and determine which plant types will work best on your property. You want plants that will thrive and maintain their lushness throughout the year. Even if you already have an established softscape for your front entrance, we can clean up and maintain it so that it always looks great.