3 Beautiful Driveway Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard in Weston, MA

Front yard landscaping is an important aspect of your Weston, MA, property. It’s the first thing you lay eyes on when you return home, and it’s what visitors see before they get a chance to compliment you on your beautiful home. Many homeowners take great pride in this high-trafficked area of their landscape as they look into creating outdoor spaces that rival interior design. And they start off with a focus on the all important driveway. Consider these driveway landscaping ideas for your front yard.

3 Beautiful Driveway Landscaping Ideas for Your Front Yard in Weston, MA

Small Trees, Flowers, and Shrubs

Softscape elements can beautify an otherwise drab-looking driveway. Among the many services we provide at Wenzel Inc. is shrub and tree installation. Edging plants make driveways and walkways stand out from others on the block. You may want to aim for a uniform look and base your planting choices on the general theme of your overall landscape design or house. If you’re looking for something a bit more random or lively, you could pay careful attention to bringing in a mixed variety of colors. Mix-and-match edging plants would really bring out a landscape design and highlight your eclectic yet modern taste.

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Lighting Beautifies

Illuminating your driveway provides an instant new look to an established driveway. Lining your driveway with well-placed lighting makes an impact in more ways than one. Not only does it give you a new safety feature by lighting the path to your front walk, it can highlight other nearby features as well and further accentuate the carefully curated landscape design you have developed. Any foliage around the driveway will get their due not only under the sun but under the stars as well. For parties that begin at dusk, the lit driveway will set the tone as soon as guests step outside their cards and then provide a clear access point when the festivities end.

Strip lighting and uplights are good options for lighting driveways. They won’t cause unnatural glares that could hinder people as they drive by or walk toward your house. Softer lighting can also add a magical element to your overall front yard landscape.

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Pavers Elevate

The right pavers for both your driveway and edging can change the entire look of your front yard landscape. As Unilock Authorized Contractors, our hardscaping is backed by Unilock’s two-year guarantee. In other words, our driveways are built to last. Unilock pavers such as Town Hall, Copthorne, and Courtstone will give your driveway a timeworn look, while bringing an Old English feel that your neighbors will covet. Newer paver options like Eco-Optiloc and Eco-Line are not only gorgeous but they are also eco-friendly because of their innovative drainage design. Increase your curb appeal using these paver products for your driveway landscape design, and choose from a range of colors and finishes so that you get the exact look you want for your driveway.