Add Character to Your Walkway with These Edging Ideas in Chestnut Hill, MA

When it’s time to upgrade an existing walkway or install an entirely new one in your Chestnut Hill, MA, landscape, you’ll be asked about your thoughts on edging. Edging provides a solid barrier between the main pavers of your walkway and your plant beds or lawn. It serves a functional purpose but also an aesthetic one—when you choose the right materials, you can develop the character of your walkway and really make it stand out as an eye-catching addition to your outdoor living space. Consider these materials as you explore edging ideas.

Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are a very traditional option when it comes to walkway edging and can really deliver the design aesthetic you want. They are also incredible durable and can be used as a loyal barrier for keeping loose materials, such as nearby mulch and pebbles, in place. Such pavers are often chosen to stand on their own as borders around plant beds. You could repeat the brick look around your walkway and tie together your hardscape and softscape features. And you could choose among different colors to best match your existing exterior color scheme.

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Treated Wood

Treated wood is another common option for edging. Although wood is less durable than a concrete paver, it tends to be preferred for its looks. It gives you the opportunity to choose from dozens of different textures and colors. And not only that, if you wish for a thicker edging you could choose different shapes such as full circle logs or half circle as well. You can further customize this edging option by opting to stain the wood whichever color you desire. Do make sure to choose pressure-treated wood as this makes it water and rot resistant.

River Rocks

Add Character to Your Walkway with These Edging Ideas in Chestnut Hill, MA

River rocks are a great option for a particular look, and they’re known for offering a quick installation. River rocks have been worn down to produce a sleek and smooth finish. This brings out more colors in each rock as well as an opportunity to create truly unique strips of rock collections along the sides of your walkway and softscapes.

This edging choice also provides much welcome drainage properties. This is because the river rocks are loosely placed along the side of the walkway, providing space for any water buildup along the path to drain quickly. Permeable pavers in the main part of the walkway can help with drainage as well. For an even further customized choice, river rocks come in different sizes ranging from the diameter of a quarter to softball-sized rocks.

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Stone Strip

This simple edging idea provides functionality to your walkways as well as style. A small trench is dug along the sides of your path with small metal barriers on each side. This is where your choice of small stones will go and will be held in place by the metal strips. Once in place, the metal barriers create sharp lines for a neat and sophisticated walkway edge. You could opt for a darker color to your walkway pavers for a stark contrast or use a similar shade for a melding effect. There’s also the advantage of good drainage with this choice because of the space between the small stones.