5 Reasons to Add an Outdoor Kitchen to Your Wellesley, MA, Backyard

Designing and constructing a decked-out outdoor kitchen is no small feat. You may be wondering: Why go through all the trouble when you’ve got a perfectly adequate kitchen inside your Wellesley, MA, home? Here are a just a few of the many reasons why installing an outdoor kitchen is worthwhile:

It Optimizes Entertainment

Outdoor kitchens are excellent spaces for entertaining groups as they tend to be more spacious and open than indoor kitchens. Enjoy chatting to friends while preparing dinner by providing bar stools and other forms of seating nearby. The lack of tall walls also serves to merge any outdoor kitchen with surrounding outdoor rooms like the dining area and fireside, including it in all the festivities.

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A decked-out outdoor kitchen complete with areas for the storage, preparation, cooking, and serving of food will eliminate tedious trips between the home and grill. This will allow the cook to let loose and enjoy the party just as much as everyone else. An outdoor kitchen may also save you money on eating out, as you’ll be far more likely to invite friends over for a fun, intimate al fresco dinner than make a reservation.

Optimize the comfort of your outdoor kitchen area by providing heaters, luxurious furnishings, ambient lighting, and music. With all these finishes, your outdoor kitchen and dining area will easily outshine most restaurants in your area.

It Lowers Utility Bills

Baking, frying, roasting, and doing just about anything to food heats up your indoor kitchen in no time and places a great deal of pressure on your air conditioning system to keep the home cool. Consider creating an outdoor area in which to cook during summer, where the breeze and an overhead pergola or cover of trees will be sufficient to cool you down on most days. This will reduce your energy consumption during the summer and leave you with more money in your pocket.

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It Expands Your Living Space

An outdoor kitchen that is situated snugly beside the house can serve as a simple extension of your home, especially when joined to it by large glass doors. This provides you with more space to cook when entertaining large groups, minimizing accidents caused by having too many hands in the kitchen, as there is plenty of room for moving around. When a birthday party or family get-together demands a bit more than your indoor kitchen is comfortable delivering, feel free to move outdoors for more breathing room.

It Boosts the Value of the Property

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, and this luxurious hardscape feature is now one of the criteria that new homeowners look for in a property. This investment is, therefore, likely to present a good return in the long run. Stainless steel components are highly sought after in an outdoor kitchen because they contain changing temperatures well and are easy to clean.

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It Disperses Strong Odors

Some food produces a strong odor when cooked, such as fish and deep-fried foods. Cooking food like this indoors can leave behind a scent that lingers in your kitchen and home for a while. Fortunately, cooking them outdoors disperses them into the atmosphere, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

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