How to Optimize Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout in Chestnut Hill, MA

If you’re looking to expand your living space in Chestnut Hill, MA, an outdoor kitchen could be the answer. It’s a functional and enjoyable addition to any landscape. Our landscape designers will work with you to create a custom layout that meets all your outdoor cooking needs. Consider these tips to help you plan the ideal layout for a brand-new outdoor kitchen.

Select the Right Location

When planning your outdoor kitchen, the right location makes all the difference. You want to select a spot that offers convenient access to the interior of your home. When transporting food and dishes back and forth, you’ll need a clear and direct path. Also think about how you will use your outdoor kitchen and how it relates to other features of your landscape. You want to ensure that the location of your new kitchen does not interrupt the flow of traffic in your yard.

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Don’t forget to think about view lines when planning your outdoor kitchen. Ideally, the cooks should have a view of the yard so that they’re not left out of gatherings. And you don’t want the kitchen to block any views that you currently enjoy from inside your home.

Choose Appliances Before Finalizing the Layout

The number and size of appliances you choose will have a big impact on the optimal layout for your outdoor kitchen. Make a list of your must-have appliances and work from there so that your new outdoor kitchen will be fully stocked with all the features you want. Standard appliances such as a fridge and grill can be accompanied by specialty features such as a pizza oven, deep fryer, or ice machine, depending on your needs.

Think About the Design of the Outdoor Kitchen

How to Optimize Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout in Chestnut Hill, MA

A well-designed outdoor kitchen has many of the same requirements as an indoor kitchen. The layout should include areas for food preparation, cooking, and cleaning, as well as space for storage. The most efficient outdoor kitchen layouts put the fridge, sink, and cooking areas equal distance apart. Since the sink is the busiest area, an ideal layout features the sink in the middle of the fridge and cooking area.

Grill Island

If you don’t have a lot of space and don’t plan to prepare large meals outdoors, a grill island could be exactly what you need for your outdoor kitchen. This space-saving kitchen design features one central island that usually includes a grill with a sink and fridge. A grill island can also include bar seating on one side, to create a complete outdoor entertaining area.

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The L-shape layout is popular because of its versatility. It can easily be adapted to include different appliances and scaled to fit any size yard. It allows for a work triangle and offers more counter space than an island. An L-shaped kitchen can also include seating, while still leaving counter space available for working.


A U-shape layout is usually reserved for larger properties. The U-shape takes up a larger footprint than other outdoor kitchen designs, but it also offers more counter and storage space. A U-shape layout is a great choice for preparing complete meals for large groups and can offer ample room for extra appliances.

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