5 Things to Consider When Installing a New Driveway in Newton, MA

If you are considering installing a new driveway in your Newton, MA, landscape, remember that the driveway is the first entry to your home. Here are some things to think about when choosing the materials for your driveway.

Benefits of a Driveway

5 Things to Consider When Installing a New Driveway in Newton, MA

You might not think it, but your driveway says a lot about you to your guests. Is it easy for them to locate your home’s entry from the street? Is your driveway wide enough to accommodate several people walking together? Is there sufficient room to open the doors without hitting the car beside them? A driveway is a convenience that you can take for granted, but it is an essential part of your landscape and should be as beautiful and functional as the rest of your property.

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Base Materials

A driveway should ideally be constructed of durable, non-slip paving stones that will last. When choosing driveway stones, you can select paving stones that complement the color of your home’s exterior or you might choose a contrasting stone to help your driveway stand out in the landscape. 

There are many laying patterns, and you can choose the pattern that suits your aesthetic the best. An experienced landscape professional can create designs such as a star or border within your driveway to make it more interesting. And, consider installing a border, either raised or flush with the driveway, to create a clean line between your yard and driveway. The border also brings a visual finish to the driveway, making the edges clear. 

Width of the Driveway

Are you the one who always hosts the holidays for the entire family at your home? Would an additional parking pad serve your guests well when they come to visit? Installing a new driveway is the ideal time to widen a narrow driveway and to install a parking pad for the overflow of vehicles. If you have a camper or boat or any type of recreational vehicle, adding parking for that helps to keep your driveway clear for visitors. 

Lighting for Your Driveway 

The construction of a new driveway is also the perfect time to add lighting to this part of the landscape for ease of entry and exit to your car after the sun has set. You can enhance the lighting on the garage with larger, brighter fixtures while also adding lights to the edges of the driveway to assist your guests as they move from the driveway to your front entry. This type of driveway lighting can be recessed into the paving stones or installed along the edges of the landscape beds. Either way, you will be glad you can see when driving up to your home after dark. 

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Driveway Guarantee 

Because the cost of installing a new driveway is something that you don’t undertake without much thought, choose a company that offers a guarantee on paver installations. When a product has a guarantee, you can rest assured that it has been through extensive quality checks. Often you can qualify for financing to ease the cost by spreading it over time.  

When you locate a landscape company that listens to your driveway vision and is there for you from design to hardscaping to plantings and cleanup, you know you have found the experts to handle your Newton, MA, driveway renovation.