Learn More About The Unilock Driveway Paver Guarantee Program in Weston, MA

If you are thinking about installing or refreshing a driveway with new paving stones, look carefully at the driveway paver guarantee program that Unilock offers. Not only can a new driveway boost the curb appeal of your Weston, MA, landscape, but with a Unilock lifetime guarantee, you might never have to resurface your driveway again.

The Unilock Driveway Paver Guarantee Program

Learn More About The Unilock Driveway Paver Guarantee Program in Weston, MA

As the first concrete paver manufacturer in North America to offer a lifetime guarantee, Unilock has created paving stones to last. Because Unilock fully stands behind its products, when they are installed to their specifications, you can choose Unilock products with full confidence. 

Unilock offers a lifetime transferable guarantee on the structural integrity of their paving stones, slabs, retaining wall units, and natural stone for residential use. Any materials installed and maintained correctly and subject to normal wear will be replaced without cost if they prove defective. Once the paving stones have been registered, that guarantee covers the lifetime of the material and can be transferred to a different owner of your home should you decide to sell. 

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Types of Unilock Driveway Pavers 

Unilock Classic pavers are available in classic shapes and sizes, with consistent color throughout. Offering many colors and shapes, the Classic paving stones are a wonderfully affordable way to reface your driveway.

With Unilock EnduraColor pavers, you will get a product that has been manufactured with coarser aggregates for a stronger foundation topped with concentrated color and wear-resistant finer aggregates on top. The EnduraColor paving stones are known for being highly color consistent and durable.

Elegance Unilock pavers are considered to be at the highest level of quality that the company offers, with authentic textures and deep, rich colors. These pavers come in styles that you can’t get anywhere else and boast four times the strength of poured concrete. Multiple stone styles and color hues mean that your driveway will be one of a kind.

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How an Attractive Driveway Boosts a Landscape

We know that first impressions matter in job interviews and meeting new people—the same can be said of your home and landscape. You may have driven past a home and been wowed by the landscape design, which was anchored by a gorgeous driveway. There was likely an assumption that the rest of the home and yard was just as beautiful and cared for. 

An upgraded driveway can also help you use your space better. When you have a driveway designed for aesthetic appeal and increased functionality, you have a more practical place for your parking and motivation to refresh the rest of your landscape—and enjoy it more. 

Lastly, when you replace your cracked or too narrow or just plain ordinary driveway with Unilock driveway paving stones, it makes you happy to arrive home and pull into the driveway.

With a lifetime guarantee and the highest quality paving stones available, choosing Unilock products to replace your existing driveway can be a decision that inspires confidence—confidence that your driveway will be gorgeous and durable for years to come. And, if you ever sell your home, the new owners get the same guarantee. A new driveway installed by a Unilock Authorized Contractor will bring beauty and lasting construction to your landscape.