How Sharon, MA, Excavation Companies Can Help Your Drainage Problems

When stormwater gushes into your Sharon, MA, basement for the umpteenth time or your kid can’t play outside because of a pool of water in your lawn, it is time to put an end to the drainage madness. Here are some specific ways that excavation companies can help to remedy your drainage problems.

Home Foundation Issues

How Sharon, MA, Excavation Companies Can Help Your Drainage Problems

Water is supposed to stay away from your foundation. Unfortunately, you it is not always immediately obvious that is not happening. Perhaps you do not go into your basement often, or perhaps the water problems only happen during big storms and you haven’t had in awhile. Perhaps you just bought your house and are just now catching on that there is a serious problem. Once you realize it, though, it’s time to take action. Water runoff that pools at the base of your foundation and seeps into the walls is a major issue that can lead to long-term damage. An excavation company can look into ways to install a drain under the ground that could better collect the water and funnel it away from your home.

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Uneven Landscape Grading

If you see puddles of water that collect regularly after a heavy rain, you might have landscape grading problems. When your yard was first established, there is a high likelihood that the grading was done incorrectly, leaving depressions in the landscape. When these depressions hold water for any length of time, soon enough your grass will begin to die if you don’t remedy the situation, and other plants that sit in water are at risk as well. An excavation company can recommend the best solution for that standing water so that your plants and grass will once again thrive.

Gutter Runoff

Issues with runoff from the gutters usually has two complications. First, the gutters may be clogged, causing the water to spill over the sides and pool on the ground near your home. Second, the gutters could be draining too close to your house, in which case they need to be channeled to a place farther away from your home. With a proper drainage area filtered through rocks, the water has time to absorb at a slower rate without harming the landscape.

Compacted Soil

If your soil is too hard or compacted to absorb the rain water, an excavation company can advise you on the best ways to improve the condition of the soil so that it is able to accommodate the seepage.

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Natural Low Spot

Perhaps you have a spot that slopes downhill in your yard and water accumulates there. Consider installing a rain garden filled with plants that thrive and bloom in soggy conditions. Another alternative is to have a landscape contractor dig a long ditch that is lined with rocks. When the rain comes and the water flows to the ditch, you have a small creek bed. You may want to add some green plants that flower to prettify the water runoff basis.

When you spend time and money taking care of your home and yard, only to have standing water ruin your investment, it’s time to hunt for a solution. Excavation companies have the expertise, best equipment, and up-to-date techniques for handling problems that could be remedied by a change or two to your landscape.