3 Different Services Available in Your Needham, MA, Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plan

Creating a commercial landscape maintenance plan can become simpler when you know what is available. Consider the following services to see if they can help you reach your Needham, MA, landscaping goals.

Lawn Installation

3 Different Services Available in Your Needham, MA, Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plan

The first of many services that is offered for commercial properties is lawn installation. This service offers two different options. Lawns can be installed either using sod or seed, and each option has its own benefits.

Grass seed is the basic solution for areas that don’t have any grass—this may be one of the main reasons why you’re looking for maintenance help as spotty landscaping can severely diminish the appeal of your commercial property. The advantage to using grass seed is an overall lower initial cost and labor investment. Seeds are also useful when you have several patches of grassless areas that could be harder to match with sod.

The second option is sod, which involves landscaping professionals taking long strips of pre-grown grass and implanting them onto your property. The advantage of this option is the fact that the lawn quickly takes effect once it’s properly installed. Although it may take a week or two for the roots to fully establish, the sod will offer erosion control. The price can be a bit more when compared to seeding, but can be worth it if you need a lush lawn fast.

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Tree and Shrub Installation

Tree and shrub installation can take your commercial property to the next level when properly done by professionals. There are several benefits to installing trees and shrubs other than the beauty that they offer.

One of the benefits of installing trees is a large increase in erosion control. This effect may take several months even up to a year after installation to take full effect, but once the roots take hold, they weave into the surrounding areas and help to keep everything firmly in place. You may want to opt for this natural-appearing solution to your erosion problems if your property’s terrain has hills.

Shrubs also look beautiful while offering their own set of practical benefits. They are commonly deployed for their ability to create a natural fence when deployed in a tight line. Although shrubs can’t replace the security of a fence, they are a worthy partner for complementing a tall fence. In this way, you can have the privacy effect of the fence with the appeal of healthy shrubs.

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Lawn Mowing

Perhaps one of the most well-known landscape maintenance services you could opt for, lawn mowing is a vital role in keeping your property in tip-top shape. One of the key aspects of a clean-looking lawn is the symmetry and accuracy of the mowing paths. Professionals using heavy-duty equipment can efficiently perform this vital maintenance role on your schedule. Aside from cutting down on the bulk of the lawn, effectively maintaining the outside edges along sidewalks, driveways, and planting beds can have a powerful impact on the look of your property. Scheduled lawn mowing helps the grass grow in a thick and uniform fashion. An added benefit of regular mowing can is that it can reduce the amount of pests attracted to your property since they are more interested in overgrown landscapes than they are in consistently mowed grass.