Perk Up Your Chestnut Hill, MA, Landscape Design with Stunning Waterfalls and Ponds

Adding a water feature to your Chestnut Hill, MA, backyard can bring your landscape to life. Whether you’re looking to add movement, soothing sounds, or to invite nature to your yard, a water feature can accomplish all of these things. Update your landscape design to include a beautiful waterfall, stream, or pond, and see how water can transform your outdoor space.

Preparing for a New Water Feature

Updating your landscape design should always start with a plan, especially when introducing a new element such as a water feature. A good plan prepared by landscape professionals will ensure your pond or waterfall works for your landscape and lifestyle. They will take factors such as the slope and size of your yard into consideration to make your water feature as functional as it is beautiful.

Perk Up Your Chestnut Hill, MA, Landscape Design with Stunning Waterfalls and Ponds

Water features are extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any size or style of landscape. When choosing the location of your pond or waterfall, consider the views. You want to be able to enjoy this beautiful new feature from as many angles as possible. And including a nearby seating area will make your water feature one of the most popular destinations in your yard.

If you’re unsure which type of water feature is best for your property, we’ve broken down some of the more common options below.

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A Complete Water Garden

For an expansive landscape, you might consider adding a large-scale water garden. A water garden can incorporate a number of elements including a pond, stream, or waterfall, as well as aquatic plants. Adding plants and fish to your pond creates a natural ecosystem and helps make your yard feel like it’s a part of nature.

Even if your yard isn’t massive, you can still enjoy the benefits of a pond and water garden. A small pond doesn’t have a big footprint and can still include plants and fish. To avoid standing water on your property, include a waterfall to create motion and help mask out neighborhood noises.

A Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall brings movement and the sounds of flowing water to your yard but leaves the pond out. Pondless waterfalls offer a range of options to complement your landscape design. They can be a good choice for adding water to both sloped or smaller yards.

Another reason to consider this option: A waterfall and stream can help you achieve the casual look of a waterfall found in nature. If your property allows, ask your landscape designer about incorporating a large stream with multiple falls. For smaller yards, a small waterfall with a single drop will still provide the sound of moving water.

If you have a more contemporary landscape, a sheer descent waterfall offers a smooth cascade of water with a modern look. This type of waterfall looks stunning when incorporated in a variety of masonry features. Consider adding one to a retaining wall, garden wall, grill island, or as a stand-alone focal point.

Add Movement to Your Pool

Transform a standard pool with the addition of stunning waterfalls. From steep descents to swim-through waterfalls, cascading water will elevate your pool and bring movement to your landscape. Add a spill-over hot tub for the ultimate in relaxation. The combination of warm water and the sound from the waterfall will give your backyard a resort-like feel.