Add Tranquility to Your Sharon, MA, Outdoor Living Space With These 3 Landscaping Ideas

Your backyard should be the place you can go to relax and unwind from the stresses of life, but unless your landscaping is equipped with the right features, it might not live up to that expectation. To turn your backyard into a true haven of calm, we’ve put together a quick list of three features guaranteed to add tranquility to your Sharon, MA, outdoor living space.

Water Feature

Add Tranquility to Your Sharon, MA, Outdoor Living Space With These 3 Landscaping Ideas

The sound of water has long been used to lull people to sleep and relax the mind. Installing a water feature in your landscape will have the same effect for you. A fountain is a basic option that can be installed in almost any location, such as the focal point of a paver patio. If you want something super modern, contemporary water features can be installed that are either show-stopping or more subtle, depending on your style. For something more complex, you could opt for a small pond and add water plants, like water lilies. With the help of a landscape contractor, you can work a water feature into any design and personalize it to your style.

Fragrant Garden

There’s no better way to be instantly calm than to smell the fragrant aroma of nature’s perfumes. Consider dedicating a space for your favorite flower or herb, and planting it in abundance to magnify the scent. Its location will be a critical decision for optimum enjoyment. If you’re looking to design a new patio area, you could incorporate planters into your masonry walls and plant an herb that you use a lot and has a noteworthy presence, like rosemary, or a colorful flower like scented geraniums. If you have a trellis in your plans, it could be placed in a spot that needs shade along with a perfumed climber like jasmine. Spearmint is a hardy plant that can also provide a calming essence. You could also plant lilac shrubs or a lilac tree, as lilac is renowned for its amazingly calming smell. As a bonus, these types of plantings also tend to attract butterflies, which always deliver a tranquil feeling.

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Green Courtyard

A courtyard, loosely defined as an outdoor area surrounded by walls, can be very tranquil and calming due to the privacy and natural feel it can create. It’s easy to create a faux courtyard of sorts with some concrete pavers and evergreen or topiary trees. Design an area that’s separate from the rest of your entertaining space and a decent distance from your house and your neighbor’s property. Use corresponding pavers to construct a walkway leading to this space so that you’ll enter a calming mode as you get closer to your special space. Have your landscaper surround the paver patio with tall evergreens or topiaries placed close enough together that it creates total privacy. Add an outdoor daybed where you can sneak away, read a book, enjoy your favorite drink, or just relax and enjoy the sound of your water feature.

We hope you find inspiration in these landscape design ideas guaranteed to bring tranquility to your Sharon, MA, backyard.