Upgrade your Landscape Design with a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen in Sudbury, MA

Barbecues and pool parties can become tedious if you have to spend your time running back and forth between the indoor kitchen and grill. Installing an outdoor kitchen right beside your al fresco dining area will eliminate the anxiety associated with coordinating outdoor grilling and indoor preparation and clean-up. An outdoor kitchen will not only make starlit dining more convenient, but will also make it more glamorous, as guests will be able to watch the food being prepared. Here are a few outdoor kitchen ideas to inspire your outdoor kitchen project in Sudbury, MA:

Indoor flair

Upgrade your Landscape Design with a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen in Sudbury, MA

Imagine an outdoor kitchen fit for the home, punctuated by luxurious features such as ceiling fans and a television set. A room like this must be completely covered by a waterproof ceiling in order to protect its delicate indoor furnishings from the elements and foster a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. A luxurious outdoor room can be nestled right beside the home, with patio doors that open onto it. This can result in a more cohesive design, as the room will be surrounded by features of a similar style.

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Lovely lighting

Outdoor cooking often takes place in the evening, whether it entails making dinner or mixing sundowners to wind down the day. Cooking with a flashlight between your teeth is anything but glamorous, so be sure to have enough landscape lighting installed to keep your outdoor kitchen well-lit at all times. Your ceiling fan can be fitted with a light while smaller, subtle lights can be nestled beneath the edges of countertops and at the base of cabinets to keep the kitchen floor well-lit. Lights should be installed above the main appliances and surfaces you tend to use, such as your grill and countertops. While achieving a well-lit kitchen is key, a low is best, so as not to detract from the night sky.

A hearty fire

A stone fireplace, built into the corner of an outdoor kitchen, will boost its ambience while keeping you warm and comfortable on colder nights. It may also attract guests to the bar, encouraging them to chat to the cook, watch the food be prepared and admire the outdoor kitchen. For a kitchen that packs an even greater punch, have a fireplace installed that can double as a pizza oven. A tall, curvaceous stucco pizza oven embellished with antique Spanish tiles will give your outdoor kitchen a warm, inviting look and feel.

A jet black kitchen

Outdoor kitchens that incorporate a lot of black tend to present a sleek, contemporary look and feel. Consider opting for black wooden elements and as many black appliances as you can get your hands on. Chrome appliances will also pair well with this color scheme. Opt for smooth porcelain tiles or concrete pavers underfoot to maintain the sleek aesthetic theme. Consider setting up a large blackboard as the backsplash to your grill. The board can be used to display the menu or invite guests to leave messages. A thatched roof or light material, like canvas, may be installed overhead in order to lighten the design and prevent a gloomy atmosphere. Ensuring plenty of natural and artificial light will also prevent the development of a dark, cold look and feel.

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