5 Benefits of Hiring an Excavation Company in Millis, MA

Sometimes landscape designs require major reshaping of the topography. Excavation services can be the safest and most efficient way of completing this. In Mills, MA, Wenzel, Inc. offers expertise in services such as resloping, lot cleaning, and grading to repair and remodel your landscape. In addition to the massive excavation projects, here are a few ways that Wenzel, Inc. excavation services can be of use to you.

Drainage Systems

Large puddles and plants washing away are urgent calls for a drainage system of some kind. Waiting too long to fix poorly drained landscapes can cause serious damage to the rest of your landscape and even your home. A company that specialises in drainage and excavation, such as Wenzel, Inc. has the necessary tools to implement these systems in the right locations to keep your yard free of water build-up and flooding.

Cleaning Up A Bit

5 Benefits of Hiring an Excavation Company in Millis, MA

Landscape projects, harsh weather, and other events can cause things to get a little messy in the yard. Demolition is a perfect example of this. When doing major renovations, sometimes extra man power is necessary to remove the unwanted materials safely. Or perhaps you are looking to excavate larger plant life such as a tree that is at risk of falling. Only a strategic team can efficiently accomplish this type of task. Even smaller excavations of shrubs and overgrown plants can really open up your backyard space. Lot clearing is another invaluable service offered by excavation companies.

Improperly Removed Roots or Shrubbery

As mentioned above, it requires a strategic team to survey and execute a tree excavation. If roots are removed improperly, this can interfere with drainage patterns and speed-up the process of erosion. In addition, improperly removed roots can pose an obstacle to laying the foundations for outdoor elements such as patios and walkways.

Expanding Your Landscape Can Be Made Easier

Natural elements such as boulders, trees, and shrubs can get in the way of desired landscape projects. For example, adding a plant bed can be made possible with the help of an excavation company by clearing the area of large rocks. They can also remove boulders from an area of your yard that you wish to turn into usable living space. To make sure your landscape is ready to go, excavation can be of service to you. An excavation service can prep the soil so that your landscape is primed for optimal growth conditions.

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Erosion Control

When a large amount of plant life is removed, either intentionally or due to natural conditions, soil erosion becomes an issue. Soil erosion is also a common problem with sloping or hilly terrain. Without proper anchoring, the topsoil of steep hills and bare earth is washed away at the first heavy rainfall, furthering the problem and creating unsightly patches of bare lawn and mud. Erosion control can be achieved by grading and resloping in certain areas of your yard. Wenzel, Inc. excavation services can also prepare the area for - and install- a retaining wall system to keep erosion under control.