5 Installation Tips for Circular Patios in Chestnut Hill, MA

A circular patio can be a landscape chameleon—done right, it can blend in as a functional, beautiful feature of pretty much any yard in Chestnut Hill, MA. Round patios can be softer in appearance than a square or rectangular patio, and they can instantly become the focal point of the landscape—encouraging visitors to gather and enjoy the most relaxing or entertaining area of your landscape design. Before you commit to a particular look for your new patio, consider these five patio installation tips:

Take It to a New Level

The genius of a raised patio is that it does not depend on the terrain of your yard. Because it is constructed on a concrete base, you are not limited by height restrictions or a sloped landscape. An experienced landscape contractor can come up with solutions that will work for your exact needs. The raised patio can then function as a special spot for a fire feature or an elevated dining area. A contrasting border can call attention to the special design of the raised patio, or your contractor may suggest using the same paving stones from an adjoining larger patio to set up a seamless transition.

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Make It a Destination

The round patio is a perfect destination at the end of a long walkway. Hidden from view by tall landscape grasses and plants, it can be an intimate dinner area or an inviting hideaway for relaxation. Add a table and chairs to appreciate a casual meal, or choose comfortable outdoor furniture and lights to read well into the night.

Add in Privacy with a Retaining Wall

Most patios are meant to be used for fun family nights and for entertaining groups of friends. A low retaining wall surrounding two or more sides of a circular patio can bring a sense of intimacy, as well as additional seating for fully enjoying your outdoor space. Lighted pillars at the entry to the patio makes it feel like a secret, special space, and illuminates the area for easy nighttime use. Large pots of colorful flowers can flank the entry to draw your guests into the patio.

5 Installation Tips for Circular Patios in Chestnut Hill, MA

Bring Coziness with a Fire Feature

A fire feature can extend the patio season from early spring to late fall. A cozy fire can be welcome even on a warm summer night to when the evening calls for relaxing with friends or family. Pull out the marshmallows and toasting sticks to delight the youngest members of your family. With a fire pit or dramatic outdoor fireplace as the focal point of your circular patio, you can place seating on all sides to take maximum advantage of the fire.

Create Ambiance with a Pergola

Take your Chestnut Hill, MA, circular patio to the next level with a pergola. Grounded by posts outside of the patio, a pergola offers extra beauty as a place to grow flowering vines to create shade. Add some durable outdoor furniture and you have a spot that will be the envy of those who visit.

Extra details, like a pergola, contrasting border stones, or even whimsical patterns in the center of your patio installation, can turn your practical patio into a work of art. Whatever style you’re seeking, a professional landscape company can design and build the perfect circular patio for your yard.