Landscaping Ideas for Making the Most of Your Side Yard in Newton, MA

All too often, the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” applies to side yards. These valuable strips of land in Newton, MA, tend to not get the attention they deserve simply because they aren’t as frequently visited as the front entrance or backyard. Here are a few landscaping ideas for tapping into the full potential of your side yard.

A Stunning Path

Landscaping Ideas for Making the Most of Your Side Yard in Newton, MA

The side yard can serve as an alternative route to the home when accessing the backyard from the front of the property, or vice versa. Consider creating an inviting limestone path comprised of irregular slabs of authentic stone interspersed by grassy joints. Surround your stone path with plenty of greenery, transforming it into a destination worth pausing to admire.

As long as the sides of the walkway aren’t heavily trafficked, you should be able to have them covered in lush green lawn, provided that you select grass suited to the amount of sun your side yard receives. Approach a professional landscaper, like Wenzel Inc., to determine which grass species will best suit the conditions of your side yard.

A Charming Patio

Do you ever find that your backyard is perfectly tailored to entertaining guests but lacks the coziness needed to curl up with a book or a cup of coffee? Your side yard is an excellent place to set up a small patio that offers some peace and quiet after a long week. Place a small round bistro table or a pair of comfortable armchairs in the center of the patio for a simple, functional design that gets straight to the point.

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This private patio can also serve to display your unique artistic flair. There may be colors, patterns, and materials that you love, but never use, because they don’t suit the aesthetic theme of your home and hardscape. Fit all your guilty pleasures into this hidden patio to create a comfortable and familiar getaway.

A Good Use of Space

Your neglected side yard has the potential to serve you in so many practical ways! For example, the additional square footage can be used to store all the furniture, tools, and building materials that you simply do not have room for elsewhere. Consider adding a charming shed in your side yard to merge beauty and functionality. The walls of your shed can be embellished with climbing plants, for an energizing design, or brightly painted tools for a quaint, characterful look.

Your side yard can also be used to plant a handy herb garden from which you can pick thyme, basil, and parsley minutes before dinner. Herb gardens are uniquely beautiful and can serve as a refreshing change from an amalgamation of flower beds.

Vertical Greenery

After focusing all your remodeling efforts on your pool and patio, you may find that your landscape appears rather artificial and devoid of dimension. A row of tall trees that peek over all your other verticals can help to combat an abundance of concrete and bring dimension and greenery back to your landscaping.

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Trees can also shade rooms adjacent to the side yard, providing much-needed relief in summer. Consider adorning your trees with fairy lights to create a fun mid-week escape fit for a fairytale. Should your side yard be closed off by a tall, lifeless wall, consider concealing it using trellises covered in climbing plants.