Landscape Maintenance: Perennials and Annuals You Can Grow in the Shade in Needham, MA

Most backyards contain areas that are cast in shadow for most of the day. Although any old plant might not thrive in these conditions, many species would do well with the careful care of quality landscape maintenance services. Adorn the shady spots in your landscape with life and color by seeking out these shade-loving plants compatible with the conditions in Needham, MA.

Bigroot Geranium

These hardy survivors make excellent ground cover and grow rapidly to form large, dense mats of foliage. They produce pink flowers in spring, which become red in fall and are wonderfully aromatic. These perennials are excellent candidates for embellishing the floor of your landscape to make it look brighter and more cheerful.


Landscape Maintenance: Perennials and Annuals You Can Grow in the Shade in Needham, MA

These plants grow best in partial shade and moist soil that is well-drained. They bear crisp pale green leaves and are often adorned in clusters of cup-shaped flowers. Their flowers are available in a variety of colors, including rose, lilac, and yellow. These delicate annuals should be sheltered from the wind and perform optimally when fed organic matter.

Bleeding Heart

This plant is known for the flowers it bears. These pink and white heart-shaped flowers are both unmistakable and beautiful. Bleeding Heart can reach 4 feet in height and has wide-spreading stems with soft green foliage. These perennials bloom in spring and become dormant in summer, so they need to be surrounded with appropriate companions that will keep that region of your landscape looking lively.

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Wishbone Flower

This small annual blooms abundantly in shady conditions and is a charming candidate for any landscape. It typically bears lilac-blue flowers embellished with areas of deep purple and yellow, but varieties that bear pink, white, and burgundy flowers can also be acquired. They require moist, rich soil but will thrive in the shady areas of your landscape.


Hostas are among the most popular shade-loving plants. They offer incredible variety, and some types produce wonderfully fragrant flowers. The June Hosta, or Plantain Lily, is one popular example of this perennial plant. The Plantain Lily has blue leaves with creamy golden centers and will truly stand out in the shady corners of your landscape. Their surroundings need to be clear of debris to prevent attack by slugs and snails.


This hardy plant comes in multiple attractive varieties, like Corydalis elata, which produces fragrant blue flowers. Corydalis lutea, on the other hand, bears brilliant golden flowers that stand in stark contrast to its pale green leaves. These perennial plants prefer partial shade and well-drained soils, and bloom in the late spring.

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This plant species has been bred selectively to produce various cultivars and styles. For example, the Anne Greenway cultivar offers leaves that are bordered by bright chartreuse margins. The White Nancy style, on the other hand, is known for the silver-white tint that adorns its leaves. These perennial plants make excellent ground cover and pair well with ferns and hostas. They grow in full to partial shade and require moist, well-drained soil that is kept rich and organic.


This cheerful perennial plant shows off clusters of pink, white, or blue flowers in the spring. Their leaves are pointed, hairy, and speckled with silver discoloration, granting Lungwort plants an exceptional amount of character. They grow in full to partial shade.