Do’s and Don'ts of Paver Patio Installation in Wellesley, MA

From start to finish, a patio installation is an exciting time. You’ve got some fun decisions to make, and the end result will be a beautiful foundation for hours of entertaining and relaxing in your Wellesley, MA, backyard. Our expert paver installers have the knowledge and experience required to help you create the patio you’re dreaming of—and the skills to make sure the installation goes smoothly. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of the most common patio installation dos and don’ts.

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Do Make Sure to Start with a Good Plan

Before you do anything else, it’s important to sit down with an experienced professional to help plan out your new patio. You should have an idea of where you want the patio to go and a general sense of what the size should be. Your landscape contractor will use this information to create a detailed landscape plan. A scaled drawing will allow for accurate calculation of construction materials and can also help with on-site planning. A well-made plan will include factors such as site slope and drainage as well as the location of buried utilities.

Do Find a Good Contractor

Even the most promising project can suffer from low-quality materials or an uncertified contractor. You should always verify that your landscape professional is insured and licensed for work in your area. Wenzel Inc. is a Unilock Authorized Contractor and Certified Paver Installer by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute, ensuring that your patio installation will exceed your expectations.

Don’t Guess at the Details

Do’s and Don'ts of Paver Patio Installation in Wellesley, MA

Your landscape company will take the time to measure not only your yard but also the furniture and appliances you want to use on the patio. A common mistake homemakers make when planning a patio is to underestimate how much space they will need. Many people fail to realize how much room that patio furniture, a BBQ, and plants can take up, and they risk being left with a very crowded patio. Work with your landscaper to understand how much space you truly need and consider your options before the patio installation gets underway.

This edict also applies to materials. Expert landscapers would not wasting time guessing at the quantity of stone or base materials. They do not want to risk having to halt a patio installation to wait for more supplies to come in, and they don’t want any concern over the need to match materials if something runs out in the meantime. They will make careful calculations and supply ordering in the beginning of the process.

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Do Add Finishing Touches

You’ve done all the technical planning for your patio installation, but don’t forget about the finishing touches! Elevate the look of your new patio with paving patterns, borders, color blocking, or even artistic designs.

Paving patterns can add interest to even the most standard patios. A basket-weave or herringbone pattern will change the look of your patio surface. Borders and color blocking can help direct the flow of traffic and define outdoor rooms. Consider selecting contrasting colors to create a dramatic effect, or you could add a double border to create even more impact.