3 Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Sudbury, MA, Landscape

Want to add a beautiful feature to your landscape that’s practical and useful, yet contributes style to your overall design? Add an outdoor fireplace! An outdoor fireplace is a visual stunner that will bring depth to your backyard and keep you warm during the chilly months. If you know you want a fireplace but aren’t yet sure how to incorporate it into your layout, here are some great design ideas for adding one into your Sudbury, MA, landscape.

Warm and Natural

For a warm addition that offers style fit for a lake house cottage, consider the Bella fireplace from Unilock for your design. It’s made from Rivercrest Wall, a beautiful paver construction with the appearance of stacked stone.

First, you’ll need to select the location for your outdoor fireplace. For a truly rustic feel, add a walkway leading away from the main entertaining area of your home, making use of the space of your yard. This could contribute a special feeling to your fireplace and allow your guests to explore the grounds of your landscape to get to the fireplace. Add tall seating around the fireplace to keep the heat in and make it feel especially cozy. To highlight the natural feel of your fireplace, you could even add a few arborvitae at a safe distance to the surrounding area. This will also bring privacy and enhance the outdoorsy feeling of your fireplace. To complement the au natural look of your Bella fireplace, use natural stone pavers underfoot, like Limestone.

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Modern Chic

3 Rustic Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Your Sudbury, MA, Landscape

An outdoor fireplace can enhance any landscape design, especially a modern outdoor layout. The key to a modern look is straight lines and clean cuts, so the Moda fireplace by Unilock could be the perfect choice. Made with Lineo Dimensional Stone, each stone is consistently and perfectly cut for a high-end look. The grayish Limestone color option with Midnight Charcoal accents create a neutral palette that will give you a blank slate when it comes to decorating. Add minimalist seating walls and accessorize with bright pillows and cushions. To keep it rustic, you could bring in lots of potted flowers and plants that accent the surrounding nature. In keeping with a modern design layout, situate the fireplace separately from but still close to your main entertaining area. This allows you to have a clearly designated relaxing-by-the-fire space.

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The Classic Look

If you want a classic fireplace that will blend in to any design and add beauty to your backyard, the Barcelona fireplace is a great choice. It pairs beautifully with other Unilock products, like Brussels Block, which you can use for your patio flooring and surrounding walls. With straight lines, round accents, and tumbled textures, this fireplace will match any layout and add a relaxed feel. For a traditional entertaining space, incorporate your fireplace at the edge of your patio, and place your dining or lounge area right in front of it. Your guests can enjoy the fire while enjoying dinner or just relaxing. Nothing is more rustic than enjoying food and drinks in front of a beautiful fire!

Whether it’s an outdoorsy look, a modern take, or a classic feel, a fireplace can enhance your backyard entertaining space.