5 Landscape Design Ideas for Spring in Norfolk, MA

Do the longer daylight hours have your dreaming of spending quality time in your Norfolk, MA, backyard? On the cusp of spring and warmer temperatures, this time of year presents an opportunity to plan any necessary landscape design upgrades. Here are our top five landscape design ideas to help you make the most of your yard this spring.

Take Advantage of Early Bloomers

5 Landscape Design Ideas for Spring in Norfolk, MA

For a landscape that features year-round color, gardens should include a selection of plants that bloom at varying times. Your landscape designer can help you select the right plants for your area, and will incorporate flowers that bloom in the spring, summer, and fall. For flower beds that come to life soon after the snow melts, ask your landscape contractor to include colorful early spring bloomers such as tulips, daffodils, and irises.

Create a Cozy Space to Enjoy the Views

While the weather may be improving, it can still sometimes be a bit too cold for sitting outside. The addition of a gazebo or cozy outdoor room will create a place to enjoy your landscape while the weather warms up. And a gazebo can help protect you from the elements as well as any pesky insects that come out to feed in the spring.

Talk to your landscape designer about situating your outdoor seating area in such a way that you can enjoy the best views of your landscape. A beautiful garden with colorful spring blooms is meant to be appreciated! Add warm textiles such as an outdoor rug and warm throws for added coziness until the weather heats up for good.

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Warm Up Your Landscape

Nothing adds more ambiance to a landscape than the addition of a beautiful fire feature. Whether you chose a traditional fire pit, an outdoor fireplace, or a modern fire table, the warmth of a fire will extend the length of your outdoor season and create a beautiful focal point. A fire feature also makes a natural gathering spot and will encourage friends and family to join you outdoors.

Make sitting around the fire even more enjoyable by providing shelter from the wind with the addition of a hedge or fence. A row of lush green cedars will create the feeling of sitting around the fire in the woods.

Correct an Uneven Landscape

Do you have a sloped backyard that doesn’t offer a lot of useable space? Grading and re-sloping can help transform an uneven, hard-to-navigate yard into functional outdoor space. The addition of terraces and retaining walls can create level areas for outdoor rooms, and stairs will help improve flow. Changes of this size should start with a good landscape design plan and always be done by licensed professionals.

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Update Your Front Yard Landscape Design

People tend to focus the bulk of their landscaping efforts on the backyard. But since the front yard is seen more often, it makes sense to show some love to the front of your home as well. Updating an aging walkway with modern concrete pavers or beautiful natural stone will have a huge impact on your front yard. The addition of edging such as a contrasting paver border or a row of groundcover will elevate your walkway even further.

Adding flower beds along the front of the house or around trees will add interest and color to your front yard.