Don’t Let Trees Impede on Your Needham, MA, Patio Installation

What do you do when there is a tree that you absolutely love in the same spot you want to construct a new patio in your Needham, MA, landscape? If the thought of removing the tree for a patio installation is not an option for you, consider these solutions to work around the tree.

Make It a Focal Landscape Element

Don’t Let Trees Impede on Your Needham, MA, Patio Installation

Majestic trees take a very long time to grow, so using a huge tree as a central point of your patio can give you a truly unique outdoor space. And this applies not just to old, distinguished trees, but any tree that is special, like a dogwood or a flowering cherry tree.

A focal point draws the eye outward a particular place, stealing the attention away from other elements in a landscape. Your visitors will be visually drawn to that beautiful tree before they will begin to notice what other wonderful things your landscape has in store for their wandering eyes.

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A Floating Patio

If the tree is relatively close to your house, a “floating” low wood patio could be the answer you need. A low wood patio can allow you to keep the tree without injuring its roots. This can be an ideal solution because you will be able to see that tree when you look out of the windows, but the addition of the patio right where you need it makes entertaining easy.

An experienced landscape contractor would know what’s necessary for building a floating patio around the tree and would accommodate correctly for the right sized opening. You may even decide to have a circular wooden bench around the tree for casual seating. Just imagine taking your morning coffee outside to enjoy the first rays of sun on a patio complemented by your special tree.

A Stone Patio

When accommodating for a tree, a stone patio can be trickier to have installed than a floating patio because you don’t want the tree roots to lift up the stones as the tree grows and the roots expand. This issue can be prevented by building a low retaining wall around the tree, allowing plenty of room for the roots to remain undisturbed. It is estimated that around 6 to 8 feet, at minimum, is needed for giving room to roots to grow without damaging the structure of the tree. An arborist may need to be consulted to make the correct measurements, depending on the type of tree involved.

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Combination Stone and Floating Patio

Another clever way to work around a favorite tree is to install a combination of stone and floating decking. The floating deck could be constructed around the tree with steps leading to a stone patio area. This way you can have the best of both worlds, to keep your tree and have a stunning patio.

Adjacent Patio

If building around your tree does not appeal to you, then create an entire natural area with the tree by planting hostas and azaleas and vivid, green groundcover. Beside this you can design any type of patio that you desire—it can be paving stones, classic brick, or a mixture of both types of materials.

Don’t let a tree stop your plans for the patio of your dreams. A skilled landscape contractor can give you the perfect combination of function and beauty for your patio project.