Create an Alluring Effect with These 8 Pavers for Your Newton, MA, Patio Installation

A well-built patio beckons homeowners and guests to take part in the fun and relaxation common to the area. The ones that stand out offer inviting seating, a beautiful surface, and a pleasant view of the surrounding landscape. Ideally, the materials used to make the patio significantly contribute to the sense of a welcoming outdoor living space. If you’re in the process of brainstorming approaches to create an alluring effect for your patio, choose from among these eight pavers for your Newton, MA, patio installation.


Create an Alluring Effect with These 8 Pavers for Your Newton, MA, Patio Installation

The smooth texture and rich color of this paver from Unilock culminate in a stunning choice for a modern, luxurious patio feature. The shades of gray, tan, and brown allow for a patio design that could complement any home. Umbriano is a good option for a paver patio and pool deck.

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Another contemporary paver from Unilock utilizes a linear focus to compel attention, drawing the eye to the patio space. Whether from the window or the patio door, the beauty of an Artline paver patio will be undeniable. Choose among a variety of colors, from a combination of gray tones in Steel Mountain or lightness of Tuscany or Winter Marvel.


The charm of a rustic design may fit your property better than a contemporary design. In this case, Mattoni pavers from Unilock are worth consideration as their slim appearance facilitate various pattern options for an interest-filled hardscape feature. Basketweave, herringbone, and running bond patterns are viable options for this material. The distressed, timeworn finish of Mattoni pavers will marvel guests as they relax on your patio.


An homage to old-world cobblestone, Courtstone from Unilock provides an alluring elegance that you may not see with other paver options. The rich colors available, plus the smooth surface and rounded edges, result in a paver that can’t help but draw people into the area. Choose Courtstone if you are looking to incorporate a sense of luxury to your landscape design.


The traditional look and feel of classic brick come alive with Copthorne paving units from Unilock. The authentic look and feel, available in several rich colors, will welcome frequent use and is ideal when your goal is to create an alluring patio design.

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Town Hall

An homage to Classic Americana, Town Hall pavers from Unilock employ the power of nostalgia and respect for the past to instill a greater sense of welcome through the patio hardscape. Many rich color options increase the diversity of use for this paving unit, allowing your landscape design professional to create interesting patterns and other patio features to increase the allure of the finished product.


The high quality, traditional appeal of flagstone comes alive with Richcliff pavers from Unilock. The durability and strength of each paver will ensure that your patio contributes an alluring aesthetic to your landscape design.


Available in either a rectangle or square, the Unilock Senzo paver is a versatile option for patio construction. A variety of colors and a gradient of shading promote interest, and the versatility of the materials also allow for banding and accents. When paired with complementary pavers, this choice further contributes to a sense of welcome.