Why an Updated Landscape Design Should Be Taken into Account While Home Remodeling in Sharon, MA

Remodeling a home is a great way to update old features and make it more livable. However, many times the outside of the home can get overlooked or thought of as less important. Landscape design can play a huge role in a home’s value, and even more so when the outdoor space is functional. A landscape makeover will make your project feel complete, adding value and space. Here’s why an updated landscape design is important for your Sharon, MA, home:


Why an Updated Landscape Design Should Be Taken into Account While Home Remodeling in Sharon, MA

The outside of your home should typically reflect the same type of style or design as the inside. An outdated landscape might have old, broken materials like cracked concrete or loose paving stones, overgrown foliage, and no sense of definition. Start with new walkways, by replacing old materials with stylish pavers. A flagstone-style paver reflects a natural look with precise cuts for a polished, new look. Richcliff by Unilock is a strong paver made with superior technologies that make it up to four times stronger than poured concrete with an authentic flagstone texture. For a brick look, Town Hall comes in a classic Old Oak color so you can keep the traditional look with a durable update. Coordinate between walkways and your driveway, using accent pavers on the borders for definition. Finally, add retaining walls around plantings, tidy up and prune mature plants, and add some beautiful new flowers for color.

Image Source - Unilock

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If you’re remodeling your home, you either want to spend the rest of your life there, or want to sell it to someone else who does. Either way, updating the outdoor landscape can add valuable function that enhances the living experience. Revamping or adding a patio area is one must for a remodel. Older homes tend to have small patio areas with poorly planned layouts that lack definition. Expanding even a few feet out can add valuable space for entertaining. Landscaping walls are one tool for better defining the space and adding casual seating. You could even incorporate a fire pit into your wall for a feature with a lot of “wow” factor. Beautiful coping creates a place for guests to sit during parties or large gatherings, and the fire adds warmth and light. Enjoy your fire pit by roasting marshmallows with friends on a cool night.

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When the layout and atmosphere of your home changes, your outdoor layout might need to change too. Entertaining often happens from inside to out or vice versa, so having a space that makes sense is important. Features like an outdoor kitchen can make for seamless entertaining, even with just the basics like a grill and island. An outdoor kitchen island can hold convenient appliances like a beer and wine fridge, and provide valuable food prep space. Depending on your budget, you could add a smoker, a sink, or even a dishwasher. This saves time and energy, eliminating back and forth trips inside your house and letting you spend more time enjoying life.

Overall, the aesthetics, function, and convenience of updating your outdoor space make it a wise choice to consider for your remodel. Whether you need more out of your property or just want to add curb appeal, your remodel could probably use a landscape makeover.