Essential Safety Precautions Excavation Companies Take in Weston, MA

Undergoing a landscaping remodel can trigger worries about cut utility lines, broken fences, and damaged trees. Such risks are avoidable when you limit your search for excavation companies to only those that are reputable. As you undergo your research, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the essential safety precautions that reputable excavation companies take in Weston, MA.

Whether you are building a new home, adding an outdoor living space, clearing the property of excess trees, installing a drainage system, doing rough grading to create more usable space, or adding a pool, you likely need the services of an excavating company.

Excavation projects can pose hazards including the challenges of moving heavy soil or rocks in confined areas without damaging existing structures or landscaping. That’s why it’s important to work with an excavation company that is committed to putting safety first on every project.

Planning for Excavation

Essential Safety Precautions Excavation Companies Take in Weston, MA

In general, most mistakes—and most safety violations—on an excavation job are the result of poor planning. Every site is different, even if one site looks the same as another, and the result of poor planning can be disastrous. Excavation companies that do not properly prepare may bring in machines not suited for the job, may not fully understand soil conditions or drainage challenges in your area, take shortcuts with site inspections, or simply not listen to the homeowner’s needs. 

By hiring a reputable excavation company, you will be partnering with a business that will carefully assess the site, including its soil types and conditions; the location of underground utilities; the proximity of structures and existing landscaping; and the workable space (i.e. is there room for large heavy machinery to operate safely, or will smaller excavators be more suitable?).

Utility companies should be notified of any proposed excavation so that utility lines can be clearly marked and either moved, protected, or removed as necessary.

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Constant Inspection

Inspecting excavation sites daily—at the beginning of the day as well as continuously throughout the day—minimizes the risks of potential accidents such as cave-ins resulting from rain-soaked soil; lack of barricades that prevent excavators from getting too close to the trench; working around overhead utility lines, live electrical wires, and hazardous chemicals. Other problems that will be looked out for are improper worker safety precautions such as lack of clear egress from trenches, and lack of head protection 100 percent of the time.

Daily inspections of the site ensure that all trenches or holes are well-supported with braces or protective wooden boxes, that rainwater has not caused damage to the site, that there are ongoing warning systems in place and that all workers understand safety regulations.

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All machinery and equipment must be in perfect working order, not only to get the job done properly but to ensure worker safety. A reputable excavation company takes pride in its fleet and maintains it well. Prevention also involves ongoing safety training for all employees, as well as carrying comprehensive insurance in case things go wrong.

At Wenzel, we take safety very seriously. It’s a vital part of a successful project, where our customer is satisfied that the project was completed professionally and the property was well cared for under our watch. We don’t cut corners! Call us today for a site evaluation and to discuss how we can help.