6 Captivating Designs for Your Norfolk, MA, Patio Installation

When you have a patio installation in your future, one of the most fun times in the process is deciding on the design. Depending on the size of your Norfolk, MA, landscape and what kind of patio style and patio materials you find attractive, you have several decisions ahead of you. Unlike with indoor spaces, box-like shapes are not necessarily the default for a patio that will form the basis of your outdoor living room. To get you started on your patio installation, here are some design concepts to consider:

Round Patio

6 Captivating Designs for Your Norfolk, MA, Patio Installation

Round patios tend to be quite popular. This type patio is usually built around a focal point, which can be a fire pit, water fountain, or dining table. Round patios come in two types: full circle and half circle patios. A full circle patio is usually separate from the main house to draw visitors to the yard. On the other hand, half-circle patios typically adjoin hardscape surfaces or buildings.

Round patios are known for blending into the landscape, as they lack defining hard edges and sharp angles. Durable concrete pavers can provide the ultimate flexibility in designing a circular pattern with contrasting colors.

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L-shaped Patio

This patio type generally hugs the exterior of your house. You could opt for this patio design if you want it to be accessible from more than one entry point of your house. A big plus of L-shaped patios is they allow you to create a smooth transition between the inside and outside of your home.

Split-Level Patio

To make your patio stand out, you should consider adding another level to make it a split-level patio, which is what some homeowners will choose to do for establishing separate outdoor rooms. The different levels make the division between the spaces clear. For instance, you can build another level to divide the outdoor kitchen from the lounging area. A few steps down from the kitchen could be where everyone will eagerly await for dinner.

Freeform Patio

A freeform patio is not defined by specific shapes but can feature sweeping curves and a dark border to highlight the main place to gather. This patio tends to be asymmetrical and unique in design. When choosing a patio shape, you need to know that strict geometric shapes tend to appear more modern. A professional landscaper can offer you images of past projects to help you think through what you find visually appealing and how bold and creative you want your patio installation to be.

Square and Rectangular Patios

Square and rectangular patios are often ideal for buildings with a formal or contemporary design. The shape you decide ultimately depends on your aesthetic preferences as well as how you envision your patio’s use. A large party on a square patio could encourage mingling more than a narrower patio.

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A Covered Patio

A covered patio lets you still enjoy the open, wide air but extend the possibilities if the sky opens up. A pergola could minimize the amount of sun you receive as you relax out on your patio while a canopy could also keep the raindrops off your books or snacks.

Once you decide on the best design for your patio, then you can start thinking about all the amenities and furniture you can add to it.