4 Water Features Ideas to Add to Your Needham, MA, Landscaping Project

The sounds of water are soothing and relaxing, and this is exactly what a water feature for your landscape would bring. If your Needham, MA, home is under construction or you are planning a landscaping refresh, one of these water features could be for you.

A Waterfall

4 Water Features Ideas to Add to Your Needham, MA, Landscaping Project

The beauty of adding a waterfall to the landscape is that it can be big and dramatic, or a small and subtle addition. A small backyard can incorporate a waterfall in a fence wall or even attached to the side of the house for a quietly calming trickling sound. Another perfect water feature for a small yard can be a free-standing water fountain bubbling over in a nearby landscape bed. Free-standing water features can have the appearance of an classic urn or it can be composed of concrete for a more urban look.

A larger, more dramatic waterfall can become a visual feature for your yard. Tucked into the corner of a landscape or centered in the middle of the landscape, a waterfall is delightful to see and hear. If you want to go further, think about adding a small pond to the base of the waterfall so that it can spill over into lily pads and reeds.

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A Pond

A pond can be a tranquil feature. With landscaping rocks lining the edges and goldfish darting around, heading out to sit by the pond can become a daily respite. Children love to feed the fish, and water plants draw bees, butterflies, and birds, which are beneficial for your landscape. Add some flowering plants and you have both seasonal color and peaceful water.

You might also decide to add a bubbling stream that feeds into the pond. The stream bed, lined with rocks and stones of various sizes, can become a feature unto itself. As they age, the rocks grow bright, dark green moss that adds texture and natural beauty.

Reflecting Pool

If still water is closer to what you seek in a water feature, then a reflecting pool added to a patio or in the yard could be more your style. A reflecting pool has quiet and motionless water that encourages you to stop and think for a moment. Reflecting pools can be recessed in the ground or elevated above with seating on edge to allow you to sit and gaze as long as you want. A well-placed reflecting pool should not only have calm water, but it should reflect the natural elements nearby. As you gaze at the trees and sky in the water, your spirit becomes quiet and contemplative.

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Swimming Pool

A swimming pool can be one of the ultimate water features to add to a landscape. Everyone enjoys swimming on a hot day, or just floating while chatting. Even if you don’t have much space but would love a swimming pool, there could be a design that can give you the fun of swimming that fits your needs.

And, a larger swimming pool can be as elaborate or simple as you want. There are so many additions such as pool lights, a slide, and pool-side patio for tables and chairs that your ideas are the only limit.