5 Landscaping Ideas to Create a Backyard Retreat in Sudbury, MA

Thoughtful planning is the key to a backyard that is both gorgeous and functional. If you are contemplating creating a backyard retreat for your Sudbury, MA, home, here are some landscaping ideas.

Decide the Purpose

5 Landscaping Ideas to Create a Backyard Retreat in Sudbury, MA

Before any digging, plant purchases, or daydreaming about outdoor furniture starts to take place, take some time to decide how you want to use your backyard space. Do you plan to host family parties? Then, an outdoor kitchen could be what you need. Have your children been begging for a swimming pool? The whole family could enjoy a pool together. Have you been thinking to add a covered space where you can relax after a long week? Consider a pergola. Whatever use you have in mind, there is a landscaping feature for you.

Fire Feature

A fire feature could become one of your favorite aspects of your backyard. All you have to do is enjoy one cool evening by the warmth of the flames and you’re likely to be hooked. Even on summer nights, a fire brings warmth and charm to your backyard. Whether you have space for a full fireplace or only enough room for a small fire pit, you will not be disappointed with the cozy feeling that a backyard fire brings.

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Not only does a pergola look so beautiful and inviting when you look out the window, but it truly is beautiful and inviting. Pergolas can be made to match the exterior style of your home, from sleek, urban columns to rock-encased column bases to cedar beams. You might choose to keep a grassy floor for the natural feel, or you might choose concrete pavers to be underfoot. Add comfortable furniture and some twinkle lights draped from the top of the pergola, and you have a hideaway to look forward to every day.

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Outdoor Kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your existing patio means that you can dine outdoors whenever you want. With a grill, sink, or even a pizza oven, an outdoor kitchen leaves the mess outside. If you add a small refrigerator to hold cold items, and an icebox for nestling cold drinks, you won’t even need to transport anything outside once the cooking begins. A set of all-weather furniture can provide a spot for your friends and family to eat and relax while they visit you.

Outdoor Bar

If your idea of an oasis is a comfortable spot to watch your favorite sports with friends, then an outdoor bar could be the landscaping feature you are seeking. An outdoor bar can be as elaborate or simple as you want. Built close to your house, a bar area may have an overhanging ledge where you and your friends can chat as you mix up drinks. Mounted shelves on the side of the house can be a perfect way to keep glasses and bottles handy. Add an outdoor fridge or a huge built-in icebox for keeping drinks on ice, and you have a ready-made place to see who wins the game.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is fun for the entire family. Add underwater lights and lights for the outside perimeter, and you have a warm weather activity that can continue long after dark. A fun water feature is what could make your backyard truly feel like a “retreat.”